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"This book of smile photographs is very uplifting!

Smile! comes at a time when life is full of pain and anguish.

Smiles are good for the heart and for peace.

It is essential for everyone not only to possess a copy but to
read it and spread the smiles far and wide around the world."

Arun Gandhi (Grandson of Mahatma Gandhi)
Founder/President, Mahatma Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence,
An organization to strengthen and co create global peace
"I travel around the world and from many people that I
encounter, one of the most frequent questions that is asked
is: -If you were to choose a place to live or to visit next,
where would you like for it to be?

Each time, I feel that it is not the place that makes it
wonderful, but the smiling people that I meet in these places
that I visit.

The good energy and smiles that I receive from people when I
visit places is what I remember the most. When I think about
all the people that I have met, I wonder how many smiles I
have encountered.

No matter how beautiful the land is, if there are no smiles,
I do not want to go, and vice versa.

Smile and good HADO...this is what makes my work worthwhile
and I feel that I am contributing towards a more peaceful

Dr. Masaru Emoto, Author of Messages from Water
Smile is a unique solution to a global issue.
In a seemingly simple manner, the act of smiling can transform lives through
psychology and biology and sociology. Today's demanding world demands an
optimum state of mind and body and a transformed interpretation of reality
and life and relationships.

In the gesture of a smile we can supply all the ingredients for a fully activated
positive potential and peak state in which to live and create and relate to life
and our community as well as to our own inner states.

The purpose of the Smile book is to "re-mind." It is literally to "re-search,"
meaning a "re-minder" that it has already been known throughout civilization's
history that the empowering qualities of the smile can transform all aspects of
internal and external reality and relations and states.
Such an evolutionary tool is employed by truly healthy and wise individuals,
who have come to realize either intuitively or experientially or both that the
use of an endearing and authentic smile can enhance and empower all
aspects of their lives and daily rituals and actions.

The purpose and mission of the Smile book is to profoundly influence the
course of human development at a critical time when emotional anxiety from
global and ecological situations challenges humanity to find new and simple
ways to renew the Spirit-Mind and body and to encourage the heart and
passion to renewed commitment to the potential of happiness and harmony
on a planet whose destiny depends on our decisions and actions.

"I love Smiles. That is a fact.
How to develop Smiles?
There are a variety of Smiles.
Some smiles are sarcastic.
Some smiles are artificial and diplomatic smiles.
These smiles do not produce satisfaction and Happiness.
A genuine loving smile gives us hope and health and freshness.
If we want a genuine Smile then first we must produce the basis
for a Smile to come.
Your Smile will bring healing to others and yourself."

His Holiness the 14th the Dalai Lama Tenzin Gyatso,
is the head of state and spiritual leader of the Tibetan people
Simple actions are much more profound than extremely complex ones.

Since research demonstrates again and again that the simple actions performed
frequently and with little coercion or effort produce the most powerful and
empowering results, we find that the Smile fills this description perfectly.

The mission and purpose of Smile is to create a foundation for the expansion
of the ancient wisdom and modern research into the power of the human
smile to enhance biochemistry and community and global relationships and
potentially- to bring World Peace.

"In my career as a United Nations Command negotiator with
North Korea and as the captain of a nuclear submarine in the
Persian Gulf during Operation Enduring Freedom on the USS
Pasadena, I have experienced some of life's most demanding
and potentially stressful encounters. The simple yet profound
gesture of a human smile has the innate power to transform
extremely stressful situations into more positive and rewarding
experiences - even the ones like these.

This book
Smile! has the information and research and credible
comments that are both scientific as well as humane. You will
find Smile! the book and smiling to be valuable resources for
being genuinely happy in your life."

U.S.Naval Commander Donald Fritts US Navy Ret.
Former United Nations Peace Negotiator
Order now and share your smiles
Order now and share your smiles
Order now and share your smiles
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